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There are some obvious spaces in a home where 'design' doesn't have the same impact as say a living room or bedroom.

It’s the area that can be the first thing visitors see when they enter a home. And which is also a space that gets a lot of traffic.

We're talking staircases and halls

There are, of course, practical reasons for having stair carpeting. Bare staircases may look great, but they are very easy to slip on. And it can be a long way down if you fall! Carpeting also softens the noise of people wandering up and down stairs - important if you have teenagers coming in at all times of the night!

But where stair carpets come into their own is the impact they can make to a home. As they rarely have to compete or contrast with furniture or other design features, they can make a statement all on their own.

With a stair runner (where the carpet does not go to the edge of the stairs) you can contrast the carpet against the background of the stairs.
Whether you have a nice wood grain or a painted staircase. And it won't cost the earth. Also, with edged borders you can bring in another design element.

Staircases and halls can seem a little cold and draughty. So having a fully carpeted stairs and hallway will feel warm and plush underfoot.

What carpet is best for stairs?

Wool carpets are extremely cosy and exude elegance. And the natural fibres used have an elasticity and 'bounce back', making them extra durable and fantastic for staircases.

To view our luxury wool carpet collections that are suitable for staircases click here. From each of the collections you can order samples of our carpets - which will normally arrive with you in 48 hours.

And don’t forget, to ensure our customers continue to enjoy their carpets in the condition they were fitted, every one of our wool carpets is moth proofed.