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Want something softer?
Cut off their heads!

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With the post Covid trend towards homes becoming warmer, more welcoming and lived in, there is nothing like luxury carpeting to make any room feel cosy and sumptuous.

And when choosing carpet, there is one simple question you need to answer. Do you choose loop or cut pile carpet?

The ‘mechanical’ difference is fairly basic. A cut pile carpet is a loop pile carpet with the tops cut off!

But the difference in feel is very different. If you are looking for a softer feel of pure luxury, then indulge yourself in a cut pile carpet. And if you need something with more durability, for higher traffic areas, then loop pile carpets are an excellent choice.

Whatever luxury carpet style you choose, at Elements London we have 20 collections that can provide you with a range of colours, textures and materials to meet your individual tastes.

A feel without equal

The best way to experience our carpet collections, be it our Pure New Zealand wool carpets or our luxury feel, faux silk carpets, is to order a sample. You can order up to 4 samples free of charge. Simple visit our samples page and let your imagination go.