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Is wool carpeting right for you?

Sheep Blog
When you're looking for a luxury carpet then I'm sure that wool carpeting will be amongst your considerations.

At Elements London we have a great selection of wool carpets made from the finest wools of New Zealand (9 collections and 46 colour ways).

But what are the advantages, and disadvantages (we want you to have all the facts), of choosing a wool carpet?

Long lasting
Wool is very durable, as it has a natural elasticity, which means that when trodden on, it has 'bounce back'. It’s why it retains its feel and appearance for many years.

Warm and quiet
Wool carpet is a great way to keep a home feeling warmer as it's a natural insulator. Making it an energy efficient investment. With its ‘crimp’ it also absorbs sound and, unlike hard wooden floors, deadens sound reflection, reducing noise.

Dirt resistant
With its natural oils, wool carpeting is resistant to dirt and other oil-based soiling. Wool also naturally looks clean as it is an opaque fibre. Just give it a good vacuum to keep it looking good.

Fire Resistant
Whilst we would always recommend fire detectors, wool is an incredible safe material. As it has an extremely slow ignition rate.

A ‘safer’ choice
Wool carpeting has a great cushioning affect which can help prevent any serious injury from a fall. And, for people who have breathing issues, wool can help as it ‘holds’ dust particles until vacuumed.

100% Sustainable
Sheep continue to produce wool after shearing, making it 100% natural and fully sustainable.
Environmentally friendly
Wool is biodegradable in soil, producing nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water, all elements that improve soil fertility.

But are there any negatives?
We want you to have all the facts, so what might stop you from choosing wool? Initial Cost
Whilst a natural material, wool carpets do cost more to produce. However, given that they last longer, the cost will even out over time.

Whilst wool carpet’s absorbency is a good trait for removing humidity from the air, it’s not so great if there is regular exposure to water. In places such as in or near a bathroom, larger volumes of water can saturate wool fibres and cause discolouration.

Care when cleaning
Cleaning products need to have a pH less than 9.5, or they will negatively affect wool carpets. Strong chemicals can cause carpets to lose their colour and possibly begin to dissolve.

Sensitive to light
Extended exposure to bright sunlight can cause the colours in the fibres of wool carpets to fade, spoiling the appearance of the carpet. So wool carpets should not be laid in areas that have constant sunlight.

Don’t be sheepish about getting samples
As you can see wool carpets are a great choice for floor covering with very few drawbacks. We have a large number of wool carpet collections and colour ways to suit every taste.

Please click here to order samples from any of our wool carpeting collections.