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Wool blend carpets give you more flexibility

Wool Blend Carpets Blog
We all know that wool is luxurious and works amazingly well as a carpet fibre, thanks to its durability, softness and beautiful aesthetics. But it might not be the best option in all circumstances.

Wool is a naturally strong carpet fibre. Which makes it resistant to wear and tear. However, carpets with a wool blend can provide other benefits, whilst still maintaining many of the features we associated with wool.

More flexibility
Our wool blend carpet collections provide a great solution. Offering the durability and resilience of synthetic fibres, coupled with the softness and comfort of pure wool.

Durability - Wool is a resilient fibre that is resistant to everyday wear. And with its ‘bounce-back’ it will retain its feel and appearance longer. The polypropylene element of our wool blend makes it more durable and resistant to moisture.
Comfort - Wool is soft and warm underfoot. The addition of polypropylene fibres give our carpets an extra softness, making them feel more luxurious than many 100% wool loop carpets!

Style - Wool blend carpets are available in a wide variety of colours and textures, so you can find a carpet that perfectly suits your home's décor.

Ease of care - Wool blend carpets feature in-built stain resistance, making cleaning and maintenance less arduous. And they are also perfect for those homes which may be susceptible to moth infestations, as the larvae cannot digest the synthetic fibres.

Wool blends can be used across any room and our beautiful collections boast colours and textures that radiate sophistication and elegance. And will complement both classic and contemporary interior design schemes.

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